Living the Dream

How is everyone doing today, pretty good?  I want to welcome all of our campuses here in Grapevine, Miami, Plano, Downtown and also over in Fort Worth.  It is great to have you at Fellowship.  I think we’re the friendliest people in the western hemisphere.  We’re talking about dreams over the next several episodes and this church is really a dream center.

It is really is because we need to dream the biggest dreams possible which are the dreams that God has for all of our lives.  And I’m going to challenge you about something today.  I want to stretch your thinking and your imagination.  No matter what you’re thinking about, no matter what you’re dreaming about, God’s dreams are bigger and broader and more unbelievable than any dream that we can ever come up with on our own.

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“Worship Is…” Part 3


Worship is that thing we … do. That thing we… do. That thing we… do. As I’ve been saying for a long, long time, you go to a concert, what are people doing? They’re worshiping. Whoever the band is, man, they’re worshipping. You go to a game people are worshipping. We don’t’ call it that but that’s what we’re doing. People are into the scene or cars or motorcycle, worshipping, racing, worshipping. We worship all sorts of things. We’re into worship.

To worship something means to be passionate about a person, place, or thing. That’s what it means. Well, the Bible comes along and the Bible even gives us a deeper definition of worship. Did everybody get your message map with you? Everybody have the message map? Somebody, everybody wave it. Wave these maps, wave these maps. We’re gonna talk about these maps in just a couple of minutes. If you got a pen or pencil just fill them out. If not, you can type along on your iPhone or other smart phone or whatever.

That thing we do. That thing we what? Do. What is that thing we do? Worship! No one taught me how to worship, I just know how to do it. LeBron goes coast to coast and throws one down… Wow LeBron! Whooo! I just know how to worship. Something happens in school, something happens in the boardroom, we just know how to Yay! Yay! Clap! Go, girl! We just know how to celebrate. Worship. That thing we do. We’re passionate about a person, place, or thing.

Well, the Bible comes along and the Bible talks about that thing we do. Worship (and get this definition down ‘cos I’m gonna force you to get it down), worship is our response to God’s identity. That’s the first blank. Worship is your response and my response to God’s identity. Some here have responded to God’s identity, others haven’t. So worship is your response, my response, to God’s identity and, the next blank, his activity. So I respond to God’s identity.

Now you’ll see some verses there on the message map. Everybody sees them at all the different environments? Psalm 100. Say it with me. Psalm 100. We got 100 hours to worship God. You’re saying, wait a minute. I though worship happened when we’re here in this church house? I thought worship happened when I take communion at this church or that church. I thought worship happened when I lifted my hands and maybe jumped around in those skinny jeans? Yeah, that is worship, technically speaking, but worship is what we do. It’s that thing we do. Ed Young Jr.

Part 1

Part 2

“Worship Is…” Part 2



Man, we got some fashionistas here. No fashion victims here. No fashion victims here. I don’t know why, I just had a fashion moment. Anyway. Well, today I want to talk to you about a subject that I’ve been talking about recently. It’s a subject that’s very, very important. And when I say this subject a lot of you are gonna think, wait a minute. Surely what you’re talking about is not that important. But what I’m talking about is extremely important. You know, growing up, have you ever met people that will say one thing and do another? You know what I’m saying to you? That girl, that guy. They’re into trash talking or they say this but they don’t really back up what they say. Are you understanding what I’m saying to you? A lot of people do that. I grew up playing sports. I know many of you play sports or maybe you’re into academics or into some other extracurricular activities, you always meet that guy, that girl, who talks a good game but then when you watch them on the field or in the classroom or whatever, you’re like, what? They’re just talking smack! They can’t do jack. Talkin’ smack, can’t do jack.

The Bible says, and this is kind of a sobering statement, the Bible says that we’re all made to give ourselves fully to things. A lot of people have given themselves fully to fashion. They think about it. We’re into fashion, yeah. Other people give themselves fully into shopping, fully into decorating, fully into snow-boarding, fully into surfing. You give yourselves fully into things. And we’re made that way. We have passion in life.

But I’ve got to ask you a question. Is your main passion God? Now just stay with me for a second. Is your main passion God? Because we’re made to have God as our primary passion. I will say it again. We’re made to have God as our primary passion. So if we’re not careful we can waste our passion, we can pervert our passion, chasing after this, chasing after that, chasing after that, chasing after this, and we can miss the primary passion. God wants us to be passionate about stuff. He wants us to have a good time in life. He wants us to have adventure and excitement in life. What am I saying? I’m talking about a one-word subject called worship. What? Worship is passion. Passion is worship. I’m talking about worship. Ed Young

Part 1

“Worship Is…” Part 1



Welcome! How’re you guys doing? Let’s give a crazy round of applause right now. If one claps, everybody claps! I want to welcome you all right here at our different environments, down in South Florida, down in Miami, M-I-A, what’s up? Downtown Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and right here in gorgeous, gorgeous Grapevine. Please be seated.

My name’s Ed and I’m pastor of Fellowship Church. I’ve been doing this thing for a while now and it’s such a privilege to pastor this church.

How many guys in this place have never been to a weekend service at Fellowship Church? You’ve never been. It’s OK, go ahead. All right, man! Welcome! Is this a cool place or what? Yeah! One claps, everybody claps. One claps, everybody claps. One claps, everybody claps. You know, you guys look incredible tonight. I mean, you guys look great. I’m just looking around at everybody. Everybody looks really, really, really cool. I’m talking about very cool. Look at this guy on the front row. Mike Moon, come on up here. He’s got to be the best-dressed guy in the house. Come up here, Mike. Look at this. Look at this ensemble! Guys, give him a crazy, crazy round of applause. Mike, that’s a gorgeous suit.

Mike: My wife is terrified right now. Don’t let me get hold of that microphone.

Ed: I love you having a microphone. Mike, now you’ve been out of high school a couple of years. But you look, I’m telling you. Look at these shoes. Guys, I’m telling you, that’s on the next level of fashion.

Mike: What he said.

Ed: That’s right, Mike Moon. Let’s give it up. Give him a crazy round of applause. Mike Moon. What’s your name, my brother? Come up real quick, real quick. On this guy’s looking cool, too. Got the hat. Look, look! What’s your name, man?

Ryan: Ryan.

Ed: What’s up Ryan? That outfit, what were you thinking when you got dressed today? I love that.

Ryan: My mom told me what to put on.

Ed: That’s even better! Let’s given him a round of applause!   Oh come on up. My turn! I like it! Look at this man. Wow! Check him out. Check. Him. OUT! Wooo!! Now, the shoes, the socks, I mean. They’re Polo socks. Somebody help. I love your hairstyle, too. Your hair looks great. You look great. Now, did you dress yourself?

Brandon: My mom dressed me.

Ed: All right mom! What’s your name?

Brandon: Brandon.

Ed: All right, Brandon. Where do you go to school?

Brandon: CHS.

Ed: CHS!!!! OK, OK. I just wondered.

God with us by Pastor Ed Young

When our twins were born 12 years ago, I suggested to Lisa that we name them Monique and Unique, but she didn’t really dig it.  I don’t know why.  If you thumb through a 1st century baby book and look up the name “Jesus” you see that it means, “God saves.” And then in Matthew 1:23, it gives us another name of Jesus.  “Behold the virgin shall be with child and bear son.  They shall call his name Emanuel” which is translated, “God with us”.

I’m a “why” guy because during the Christmas season, we’re drawn.  We’re pulled to the staircase.  Why would God walk down the staircase of heaven with a baby in his arms?  Why would God do that?

Well, the name just told us it was to save us. But it was also to be with us.  Isn’t that mind boggling? The God the universe walked down the staircase of heaven with a baby in his arms so he could be with us and he affords us the opportunity to be with him? We can move from our environment to his environment.  God with us, God with us.

In 2008 the presidential elections will take place. And before the elections, the candidates will hit the campaign trail.  Man, they’ll be going off on this identification strategy.  You’ve seen it before.  These candidates will walk up to maybe an automotive plant and they’ll put on this hard hat and these protective goggles and they’ll try to awkwardly screw a bulb into a car or a truck. And the whole time they’re smiling for the cameras.

These people aren’t really identifying with those on the assembly line.  It’s an illusion.  It’s a smoking mirrors thing, a façade.  What’s interesting is that we accept that as fact.  We say, “Okay, they’re just like me.” When really they’re just giving us an illusion.

Or we will be like Grapevine Dam or Hoover Dam saying that what we have is ours and we will ride the camel the rest of our lives.  This is something that I deal with.  It is not always easy for me.

God’s plane by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

He sat down and someone said, “Hey, man, that’s my seat.” He apologized, “Oh, I’m sorry.” And they helped him find the right seat. My heart went out to him. I should have helped him, but I just watched him.

Then a woman boarded the plane, and she was kind of emotional. I could tell she’d not flown that much. She was a little shaky and very nervous.

So the plane takes off and we’re flying up at about 34,000 feet and we hit some turbulence. No big deal. The guy who had flown like one or two times was like, “Whoa! God is great, God is good let us thank Him…now I lay me down to sleep….” This guy was freaking out a little. The woman was really freaked out. Mr. Frequent Flyer, what was he doing? Drinking his bloody mary and reading the Wall Street Journal. He was unflappable. He had ice water in his veins! And the plane, several hours later, landed at DFW.

A lot of us think that when try to board God’s plane with our baggage, with our doubt, with our junk, and  with our questions, God says, “No, you’ve got to check those bags. You can’t board with those bags. No, not on my plane!”

But just the opposite is true. God says, “Baggage and all. I don’t care. You name the doubt, name the issue, and name the questions. Come on, come on, come on, Ed, with your doubt. That’s right. Come on with your questions, with your concerns. Yeah, you right there. Come on, come on. Bring it on.”

That’s what God says. There’s enough room for all of our baggage on God’s plane. Some of us have a tiny bit of faith. I mean, I’m talking like a mustard seed type faith.

Retro by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

Another vacation vandal.  The regimentation vacation.  We wake up at 7:31 a.m. and we go down to the lobby, drink hot coco and cheerios; 8:10 we go on a tour (audience laughter); because at 11:15 we got a horseback ride.  (audience laughter)  (Ed gestures)  Hi, Ho Silver!  Away!  Because at 4:00 we go parasailing.  MOMMY! (Ed gesturing)  UGH!  The regimentation vacation!  Talk about wearing you out!  It’s fine to do stuff and to have activities, but lets just chill and have a balance.  Then we have the perfection vacation.  It’s gotta be perfect!  It’s gotta be perfect man!  Perfect place.  Perfect combinations.  Perfect trial.  Perfect.  It’s not going to be perfect.  My family and I have had an incredible opportunity to travel to some cool places.  Been to Hawaii several times.  Been to the Bahamas.  And California; and New York, and that stuff is cool and all that, but you talk to our kids about their favorite memories; you talk to them about the magical times; it’s not on the beach; on Green Turtle Key.  It’s not in Maui; it’s not in, in, in, ugh, Pebble Beach.  You know what their best trips are?  Their best times?  Hey, Dad, remember the time when you put the luggage on top of the Suburban in those luggage racks and after we’d been gone for like 10 days you drove into the garage and you forgot the luggage racks were up there?  (Ed and audience laughing)  And you tore off the top of the garage!  (Ed really laughing with audience)  And the luggage fell everywhere!  You remember that?  And you got made and you blamed Lisa.  Remember that?  (audience continues laughing)  That’s the fun stuff!  Those are memories.  You gotta make those memories.  So when the tempers flare during those family outings, vacation, just say, oh, honey, honey, this is the way, we’re making a memory!  (audience laughing)  Because a couple of years from now we’ll all laugh about this around the Christmas tree, I promise you we will.  We have some funny stuff happen.

The local church by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

“Are you saying, Ed, if I bless somebody then I’m going to get blessed back 15 times?” No, I am not saying that.  But I am saying God is going to bless your life.  And by the way, do not tell me that this is a nice watch.  I will not give it to you.  Don’t try to chase me down after this service. Lightening only strikes once, right?

So we’re not owners, we’re simply managers. And when we understand that we will discover that every decision is a spiritual one.  We’re blessed to be blessings. That’s why we’re blessed.  God has gotten it to us and now he wants to get it through us to the greatest thing out there, the only institution that Jesus ever built: the local church.

So we’re blessed.  And speaking of blessings, if you have your Bibles, turn to the book of Judges 2.  Have you ever heard of a guy named Joshua in the Bible? How many people have heard of Joshua? Joshua was some kind of leader.  He led the children of Israel into the Promised Land, and as you read the history of God’s people and what Joshua was about, they were claiming different parts of the real estate, and everything was going well.

Yet in Judges, it says that Joshua clocked out.  He died.  Joshua, a phenomenal influencer, the Joshua generation, they went into the Promised Land. They closed this real estate deal, and everything was going and flowing for God’s people. Yet, there is a verse in Judges 2 that is a scary verse.  This verse disturbed me when I read it.

The bread of life by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

Jesus called Zacchaeus by name he said, “Zacchaeus I’m going to come to your house,” and read it with me, “Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said, ‘Zacchaeus make haste,’ ” that means come down, “ ‘for today I’m coming over to your house.’ ” Well it keeps going, verse 6, “So Zacchaeus made haste, he came down the tree and he received him joyfully.”

So Zacchaeus opened the door of his house physically and invited Christ in. He sat down and broke bread with Jesus.  Right here, this is the first power lunch ever recorded in history.

This text, though metaphorically is like Revelation chapter 3 verse 20, Revelation chapter 3, verse 20.  Not Revelations, it’s Revelation.  Revelation chapter 3 verse 20.  It’s like this whole situation with Zacchaeus, that beautiful collision.  Revelation 3 verse 20, “ ‘Here I am,’ Jesus said.  ‘I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone, anybody, hears my voice and opens the door I’ll come in and eat with him and he with me.’ ”

So you have the door and you’ve got the table.  Jesus said in John chapter 10, verse 9, “I am the door.”  I said earlier Jesus said in John chapter 6, verse 35, “I am the bread of life.”  When Zacchaeus opened the door of his house physically to Jesus on a deeper level, he was opening the door of his heart, right?  As he sat down and broke bread with the bread of life, I’m sure Jesus was talking to him back and forth and sharing with him and Zacchaeus, as he began to absorb the words and open the door of his life to Christ, he probably said “Wow, I’m locking eyes with the bread of life.”

The early church by Pastor Ed Young

I love this next phrase, “…and that day there were added about 3,000 souls.” Read here 3,000 men, because back in this time they didn’t even count women and children. So it was probably like 5,000.  But let’s just be very conservative and talk about the guys, 3,000 were added that day.

Now we’re talking about the early church.  We’re talking about Simon Peter.  He was running.  He was a spiritual teenager.  “I’m the man of the hour, and then no I’m not.  I love Jesus.  I don’t know who you’re talking about.”  And then now he’s at Pentecost preaching and throwing down the word.  3,000 men bow the knee; they come to Jesus Christ.  So the first church grew to 4 or 5,000 in 10 minutes.  Sometimes people say, “Well I just don’t like a big church.”

I laugh and say, “Then you’re not going to like heaven because heaven is going to be a big place.”

If the church is around a lot of people it should be big.  If it is out in the middle of nowhere, it should be small.

It is interesting, 3,000 guys accepted the Lord because of Simon Peter standing up and preaching with that kind of boldness.  Now, don’t you know that Simon Peter and the disciples were huddled up going, “What do we do now?  We have got thousands of playpen-whining, Gerber-dining, nap-timing infants.  What do we do now?”

Think about it, what do you do?  Brand new believers, what do you do?  Well, the Holy Spirit gave them an infant message – the same message I want to give to all the infants in the house, the same message that I want to give to those going through adolescence, and also those who are the spiritual parents.  Are you ready for this?  Here is what they did.