God’s plane by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

He sat down and someone said, “Hey, man, that’s my seat.” He apologized, “Oh, I’m sorry.” And they helped him find the right seat. My heart went out to him. I should have helped him, but I just watched him.

Then a woman boarded the plane, and she was kind of emotional. I could tell she’d not flown that much. She was a little shaky and very nervous.

So the plane takes off and we’re flying up at about 34,000 feet and we hit some turbulence. No big deal. The guy who had flown like one or two times was like, “Whoa! God is great, God is good let us thank Him…now I lay me down to sleep….” This guy was freaking out a little. The woman was really freaked out. Mr. Frequent Flyer, what was he doing? Drinking his bloody mary and reading the Wall Street Journal. He was unflappable. He had ice water in his veins! And the plane, several hours later, landed at DFW.

A lot of us think that when try to board God’s plane with our baggage, with our doubt, with our junk, and  with our questions, God says, “No, you’ve got to check those bags. You can’t board with those bags. No, not on my plane!”

But just the opposite is true. God says, “Baggage and all. I don’t care. You name the doubt, name the issue, and name the questions. Come on, come on, come on, Ed, with your doubt. That’s right. Come on with your questions, with your concerns. Yeah, you right there. Come on, come on. Bring it on.”

That’s what God says. There’s enough room for all of our baggage on God’s plane. Some of us have a tiny bit of faith. I mean, I’m talking like a mustard seed type faith.

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